Musical Chronology

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Act: Dates: Genre:
The Black Message 1969-71 Rock & Soul, R & B,
Psychedelic Soul [C]
Scorched Earth 1971 Psychedelic [C] [O]
Glenada House 1973 West Coast Acid Rock,
Rock & Roll [O]
Good Intent 1974-77 Rock & Roll, Blues Rock,
West Coast Acid Rock [O]
Bringin' It Home 1975-88 R & B, Jazz Rock,
Rock & Soul [C] [O]

Dorthy Watkin,
Bob Pollit

1978-81 R & B, Soul, Blues [O]
Dave Fenwick,
Barry Roberts
1980 Jazz, Jazz Rock, Folk [C] [O]
Philly G 1986-89 R & B, Blues [O]
Daniels & Hall 1988 R & B, Rock & Soul [O]
Dottie Smith 1989-91 Classic Jazz, Blues [O] [C]
Koko Ray &
The Club Killers
1991-99 Classic Rock, R & B,
Jazz Rock [C] [O]
Project One 2001 thru
Jazz Rock, Fusion, Philly Jazz,
Pop, Indie Rock [O]
[C] = Cover Band / [O] = Original Music