Perpetual modernness is the measure of merit in every work of art - Emerson

Such describes the music of Project One, whose song and ingenuity of sonic style are rendered timeless...emerging on the other side
of a transformation born of imagination and long endeavor. Now, four of the very best independent musical artists from
a vanished generation have joined talents to create a novel mix of composition and musical craft. They have unleashed a sound unrivaled in recent memory; reprised with masterful melodies and musical structure virtually unheard in today's "cookie cutter" musical marketplace (and one both very much missed; and long awaited, by this writer.)

Eric "Cruize" Henderson; the meteoric guitar and piano marvel whose roots and stylish skills embody a spiritual journey
through Rock & Soul to Jazz & Fusion (with a return trip landing him in Rock & Roll)...
; the troubadour Popster and jazz-beat Rocker whose rhymes and rhythms set the story and meld the momentum
with reverie and invention... Barry D. Roberts; the mello-melody maven who famously fused Folk Rock and Rhythmola
with the cadent, streaming song inspired of the motherland...
& Aniko; the rebellious and Radiophonic jazz club jewel,
whose vibrant vocals and passionate prose can only be defined as angelic and maverick ~
both bottled in the same wonderful jar of jam.

...these four singer-songwriter-sculptors of sound...have consolidated to form Project One...

...and the results of their accomplished work can be heard in the Nine Terrific Tracks
that comprise their remarkable debut album: MoonWaves

Moonica Deenus, October 20, 2006

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